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A preference system voting may be defined as which that allows voters to choose not just among the political options, but also between individual candidates within the chosen political option, that is «indicating a preference for one or more candidate within one list». In particular the research object of the conference mainly analyses the cases in which a preference system voting is adopted or has been experienced. Thus, the focus is on the relevance of “Preference Voting” in Europe and elsewhere, and it also stresses the perspectives for the Italian case.

Fulco Lanchester, Director of the Department of Political Sciences, Professor of Comparative Public Law, Sapienza University, Rome
Oreste Massari, professor of Political Science, Sapienza University, Rome
Stefano Ceccanti, professor of Comparative Public Law, Sapienza University
Giovanni Maria Vianello, International Office, Sapienza University Rome
Gianluca Passarelli, assistant professor of Political Science, Sapienza University, Rome
Audrey André, Universiteit Antwerpen
Sam Depauw, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Åsa Bengtsson, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Daniel Bochsler, University of Zurich
Roman Chytilek, Peter Spac, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Ellis S. Krauss, University of California, San Diego
Matthew S. Shugart and Christine Cahill, University of California, Davis
Gianluca Passarelli, Sapienza University, Rome

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