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Dear international community,

It’s probably difficult to understand from new what is happening in Ukraine, so let me explain in few words. There is an independent country with long history although some might think it’s independence started in 1991. Indeed, that is when we finally dropped down the burden of soviet union (I hope there’s no need to explain what kind of evil it was?!).

This country – Ukraine – has its language, heroes, beautiful traditions, talented people: you may know some singers and sports champions, paralympiques in particular, writers and scientists, but maybe some surgeries in your country were made by Ukrainian doctors, you definitely use some products and innovations by Ukrainian scientists or businesses, some of you invest in Ukrainian companies and startups and get great profit, even sone space technologies come from Ukraine. You might eat Ukraine products, definitely honey and sunflower oil, without even knowing it. The list is still long to demonstrate this country is important on the world’s map!

We fought for our freedom number o times, peacefully demonstrating our dignity and our readiness to stand for it. We were and still are open for different nations who live within our borders, allowed their languages, culture, etc. And we never deserved to have a war in this modern era after all lessons from history of invasions worldwide.

There’s one mentally sick man (who is heading rf for years and probably will till his death) who one day decides to attack Ukraine just because he wants power and proves it to the world. In 2014 he took Crimea and Lugansk and Donetsk oblast just like that, without ensuring good life to people he “pretended to protect”, but made millions of people suffer. He disrespects all international agreements your countries are part of. Can you be sure he won’t decide to attack your countries too? Based on what is happening now in Ukraine, no one can guarantee you’re safe neither. Safety is not only measured by absence of troops from a neighboring country, but many forms of dependence. Some might have economic interest with russi@, but Ukraine’s situation shows it’s better to get rid of any connections as they might serve as a pretext for invading.

All this to say that Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence is also yours. We do respect international agreements and look for reciprocity. We ensure so far the border with the EU is safe, while some are measuring their power and competing for it. Therefore, we ask you not to be “deeply concerned“ now, but to act! How?

1. Read reliable news (you know that some are paid, even in your countries with the freedom of speech, by russians)

2. Ask your mayors, governors, politicians to support Ukraine, not just with declarations. Obviously, some are afraid, but that’s what puttttttin is aiming at.

3. Sanctions are important, but real ones, strong ones, the ones they would feel the pain from. That’s to block the aggressor and show if he disrespects the world, the world cannot accept it.

4. Speak the truth to the your friends and family, that would mean the truth to the world.

5. Remember that Ukraine is not a separate country, but is a globalized world and butterfly effect might have heavy consequences!

Stay with Ukraine! 🇺🇦

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